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Our recent mandates confirm ALCIS’s expertise in delivering the highest standards for our clients and all stakeholders.

  • Alcis Advisers supports Gauselmann as an M&A advisor

    Gauselmann (D)Advice on the acquisition of the WestSpiel casinos in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW)

    Gauselmann (D)
    Alcis Advisers supports Gauselmann as an M&A advisor

    Advice on the acquisition of the WestSpiel casinos in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW)


    Gauselmann group, Germany’s largest privately owned gaming business, acquires WestSpiel from NRW.Bank in a public tender process. WestSpiel operates the concessioned casinos in Aachen, Bad Oeynhausen, Dortmund-Hohensyburg and Duisburg.


    ALCIS has supported Gauselmann as an M&A advisor in this privatisation.

  • E.ON (D) / innogy (D)Monitoring committed divestments in Czechia, Germany and Hungary and behavioural remedies in Germany.

    E.ON (D) / innogy (D)

    The merger of two of the leading German and European energy groups E.ON and innogy led to competition concerns in a number of European markets (Phase II investigation).


    As a remedy, E.ON offered a complex set of structural and behavioural commitments, including:


    • the sale of E.ON’s heating electricity contract portfolio in Germany (sold to the German energy group Lichtblick)
    • the sale of Innogy’s Czech gas and electricity retail activities (sold to the Hungarian energy group MVM)
    • the sale of E.ON’s electricity retail business in Hungary (sold to the Spanish energy group AUDAX Renovables) and
    • the termination of certain E.ON e-mobility activities in Germany


    ALCIS acted as monitoring trustee of the EU Commission.

  • Gazprom (RUS)Monitoring implementation of behavioral commitments – amendments of gas supply contracts.

    Gazprom (RUS)

    GAZPROM’s dominant position in Central and Eastern Europe’s gas supply raised competition concerns with the EU Commission.


    As a behavioral remedy, GAZPROM committed to amend their gas supply contracts in several CEE countries to facilitate the free flow of gas in Central and Eastern Europe at competitive prices.


    ALCIS has been acting as monitoring trustee of the EU Commission.

  • Local Motors (US)Interim CFO with executive role in business, operations and financial restructuring and financing.

    Local Motors (US)

    ALCIS acted as interim CFO for 3 years, throughout the re-structuring, re-focus and financing process.


    Local Motors Inc., the Phoenix based designer and manufacturer of the first 3D-printed car (Strati) and of the autonomous, electric shuttle Olli, needed an experienced CFO to help re-focus its business model and restructure its international operations – in the US and Germany – in order to engage and fund its next growth phase.

  • Knauf (D) / Armstrong (US)Monitoring the divestment of Armstrong’s suspended ceilings business (UK, IR, E, D, A, I, Baltics).

    Knauf (D) / Armstrong (US)

    The acquisition of Armstrong’s EMEA and APAC business activities by global building materials manufacturer Knauf (D) raised competition concerns with the EU Commission.


    As a remedy, Knauf committed to divest the Armstrong’s suspended ceilings business in the mineral fiber tiles and metal grid segments in 11 EU countries in a complex carve-out, including an extensive upgrade of the divestment business production line in the UK. The divestment business was sold to the PE investor Aurelius (D), the committed upgrade investment is being performed.


    ALCIS has been acting as monitoring trustee of the EU Commission.

  • Harris (US) / L3 Technologies (US)Monitoring committed sale of Harris’ night-vision division (EU Commission, DOJ).

    Harris (US) / L3 Technologies (US)

    The acquisition of the technology group L3 Technologies (US) by the global military group Harris (US) raised competition concerns with the EU Commission and the DOJ (US) in the segment of night vision devices.


    As a remedy, Harris committed to divest its night vision division (US). The Divestment Business was ultimately sold to Elbit (Israel/US).


    ALCIS acted as monitoring trustee of the EU Commission.

  • LKQ (US) / Stahlgruber (D)Monitoring hold-separate and divestment of Stahlgruber’s Czech activities.

    LKQ (US) / Stahlgruber (D)

    The acquisition of the automotive parts wholesaler Stahlgruber (D) by the global wholesaler LKQ (US) raised concerns in the EU, and specifically in the Czech Republic.


    In order to close the global LQK/Stahlgruber merger, the parties decided to carve out, hold separate and finally divest their Czech activities to Swiss SAG in line with the proceedings of the Czech competition authority. ALCIS acted as monitoring trustee for the parties.

  • RHI (A) / Magnesita (BRA)Advising Intocast (D) on its successful acquisition of the Divestment Business.

    RHI (A) / Magnesita (BRA)

    The merger of RHI (A) and Magnesita (BR), two global leaders in the refractories industry, raised competition concerns with the EU Commission.


    As a remedy, the merger parties committed to divest several entities and plants of their respective dolomite and magnesite businesses in Germany, Italy and Spain. The carved-out Divestment Business was sold to Intocast (D). ALCIS acted as compliance and trustee adviser to Intocast.

  • Lerbs (D)Advising all shareholders in their structured sale of Lerbs AG.

    Lerbs (D)

    The private shareholders of Lerbs AG, an international wholesaler of industrial supplies (MRO) based in Northern Germany, decided to sell the company to a strategic investor for the company’s next growth phase.


    ALCIS advised on the successful sale to the UK based MRO wholesaler Rubix, an investment company of the PE investor Advent.

  • Govt. of Rhineland-Palatinate (D)Advising the regional government on the public tender for the concession to operate several casinos.

    Govt. of Rhineland-Palatinate (D)

    The state of Rhineland-Palatinate has tendered a 10+5-years concession to operate casinos in Bad Neuenahr, Bad Duerkheim and Nuerburg.


    ALCIS advised the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Finance on the process design as well as on the evaluation of the business plans and operating concepts presented by the bidders. ALCIS had already performed the same set of tasks when the State tendered a concession for casinos in Mainz, Trier and Bad Ems.

  • Federal Ministry of Finance (D)Expert advice on the potential divestment of the federal government’s stake in the Cologne Airport.

    Federal Ministry of Finance (D)

    The German Ministry of Finance (BMF) was contemplating the sale of its minority stake in Cologne/Bonn airport company.


    Other major shareholders are the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and the municipality of Cologne. ALCIS advised the BMF on the tender process design in light of the divestment options.